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It’s always been about one thing: You

With decades of experience in IT between them, partners Brian McDonald and Howard Cathcart realized starting out that every one of their competitors were going to have access to the same partner products and services. In order to make Unified Networking Solutions a step above, they would have to engineer better solutions for clients with those same products, and they would need to create a unique customer experience. Both require an enhanced ability to listen to, not just hear, their clients. And that is what they have done.

The hallmarks of the “Unified Client Experience”:

In the past, it was either me or a member of my staff running to a local retail store to buy a laptop, installing the necessary software and shipping it to the field, but today, we place a call to Unified and they will promptly purchase an HP laptop, preconfigure it and ship it directly to the field, sometimes in less than 48 hours.Josh DelmanCenterline Communication, LLC
Results mean everything

If our strategy wasn’t working, this first decade would probably look a lot different. But our client-first focus has produced some amazing results.

That growth hasn’t been churn and burn.  It has been steady and solid.  Our goal is not sales.  Our goal is always performance.

Just like family

Ever feel like your IT provider just doesn’t get you?  Your team?  Your situation?  Maybe it’s because the person talking to you isn’t local and so can’t really understand your needs.  Maybe the person selling to you isn’t even in the same office as the people designing your network, let alone the people who will be installing it.  We treat our clients, our employees, our partners all the same: like family.   We can do that because we understand you.

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