Why Trust Unified?

Let us help solve your IT challenges.

Because We Hate Sales

Don’t tell Wayne and his sales team this.  In fact, don’t tell our accounting department either.  What really drives Unified forward are two things:

Unified’s growth has come very organically, through word of mouth.  Our clients don’t care how many experienced engineers we have, how much training and horizon watching we conduct for staff, the hours we spend finding solutions for challenging budgets, the number of times we have installed IT network solutions and the number of clients we’ve done that for.  They care about their own experience. Quite honestly, that’s all we care about.

Because These Clients Do

If our clients would ever sound repetitive in terms of the network solutions we’ve come up with for them, it would probably be around things like:

Stop listening to us.  Here are a few clients to hear from:

Dating back to our first project with Unified 7 years ago, it was very clear that they understood the technology from prospective the end user. When there is something we can’t handle, we really need a partner, and Unified fills that gap for us. Unified is a phone call away, they are always quick to respond and helpful. I would recommend Unified and have in fact recommend Unified, I know they are going to provide the right service, they know what they are doing, they can support me, and I don’t have to worry about how they are going to charge me for it, because it’s always a good deal.Barry SclarWachusett Regional School District
I had worked with Brian and company in the past, and I had only the best of things to say about them, so when this project came up, I knew they could get me the HP products I wanted at a good price point, and with good service. When I have very few resources to rely on, I have to rely on others, and HP and Unified have been the companies I rely onBarbara LavoineNauset Public Schools

Because our partners do

A lot can be said about the company you keep.  While we like to surround ourselves with partners who are best in class, our partners also like to surround themselves with Unified.

HP Inc. trusts Unified so much that they added us as an Authorized Subcontractor on the ITC47 State Contract. We can provide service and hardware solutions to the Public Sector of Massachusetts.

We have been an early adopter of Ingram Micro’s cloud services, becoming their Partner of the Year, as well as landing at #7 on their SMB 500 list.

Because our peers do

There is perhaps no greater accolade than to be entrusted with a piece of business on behalf of another IT company. Trusting a peer with your brand performance means you believe in their abilities as much as you do your own.  As part of the Trust X Alliance, Unified Networking Solutions represents companies from around the world that provide high-level networking solutions.

Based on performance, client satisfaction, training and abilities, membership in Ingram Micro’s Trust X Alliance not only allows us to provide unparalleled support worldwide, but it also shows just how much the industry trusts our work.

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