Managing IT Costs

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IT can make or break profitability

Organizations can sustain massive costs via their IT choices.  Various networking solutions come with a wide array of price tags.  Sometimes it comes from being led to a bad purchasing decision.  Other times it comes in the form of hidden charges.  And keep in mind, costs come not just from equipment.  Staff downtime.  Client loss.  Performance struggles.  These all eat away at the bottom line.

In your role of overseeing things like data securitynetwork infrastructure, team mobility, storage and recovery services, one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is an IT partner leading you down a financial rabbit hole.  Get dependable numbers.

Start with a smart, sustainable design

There is perhaps nothing worse for a manager than inefficient spending.  It’s painful for them and everyone above them.  That type of spending comes mainly from one mistake: not taking the time up front to discuss where you are headed.

Unified’s approach to managing IT costs seems simple, but is absolutely critical to getting spending right:

Planning for tomorrow and knowing all options and costs eliminates 80% of cost inefficiencies.

See what’s coming BEFORE it gets to you

What does Moore’s Law tell us?  Change in IT is inevitable and only speeding up.  Change, however, is awful for cost forecasting.  As an IT partner looking to provide you solutions, we don’t wait for change to be upon you before we react.  Our goal is to keep on top of trends and work with you to analyze if it’s time to jump to a newer technology or stay the course.

We marry what is happening in your world with what is happening in IT.  We talk you through product or service life cycles.  We develop a roadmap.  You see it all before it happens so you have options.  That is a foundation of managing costs.  That is what life with Unified as a partner is like.

Get to RELIABLE costs

So many people.  So many offices.  Devices.  Servers.  Infrastructure. When budget forecasting, why handle these elements piecemeal?  By moving to a managed IT services model, you can get to reliable budget forecasts and stay ahead of replacement and upgrade issues.

When you manage security or devices or software as a service, you are leaving the world of yearly budget forecasting and stretching that out several years, increasing your price reliability.  And when you live in a world where change is going to happen every few years or months, options like leasing or Pay as you Go become smart business decisions.

Finally, you want to be sure you are getting best pricing.  Let Unified be your negotiating partner on your behalf.  With access to discounts and pricing plans, we can help you shave dollars off the bottom line with simply an extra day or two of negotiation.  Cost cutting you can depend on.

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