Managing Personal Devices

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Gone are the days of the company phone

The world has more mobile devices than people now.  For IT managers, that’s not something to smile at.  When data security is top of mind, personal devices represent a significant attack site.  A look at the worst corporate data losses is a who’s who of device breaches.  Why is this happening? Because of modern worker expectations:

The result?  More threats. Just to stay safe you need training for every single employee.

It’s not the device, it’s the management

When IT security experts first talked about data security solutions relating to personal devices, they felt prevention would come from the hardware.  Now, companies must look at their entire IT system to provide greater mobile device integration.  Systems have to be designed so that they can integrate safely, provide the most flexibility, and utilize stringent security protocols throughout the entire system lifecycle:

Implementation is King

The best systems or products are useless if they aren’t properly rolled out to the end users.  Just ask the folks behind or Common Core.  Proper implementation is a key ingredient to the success of any personal device plan.  IT support doesn’t begin when you’re experiencing a problem.  It begins in the rollout phase.  To successfully manage personal devices, your IT partner should be one that:

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