Moving Services to the Cloud

Learn about managing services in the Cloud.

To move or not to move.  That is the question.

There is a lot of pressure to explore the cloud these days, and for good reason.  The benefits of cloud computing are growing.  But with every set of benefits, there are drawbacks as well.  Ensuring a migration to the cloud is right for your organization is the first step in determining your cloud computing future.  This requires accurate analysis.

Unified looks not only at your current systems, but takes a hard look at your business model and overall industry as well.  Knowing where you and your world are headed are just as key to cloud migration success as analyzing your IT systems.

What you will find in the Cloud

Know what you are going to get with a cloud migration:

How We Make the Migration Seamless

Cloud migration has the ability to hurt.  “But aren’t clouds fluffy and soft?”  Yes, but change is not.  To limit the impact on your team, Unified Networking Solutions can provide the following cloud solutions:

Find Out Hassle Free

With our no pressure, no charge needs assessment, Unified can make finding your cloud based solutions that much easier.  Some simple exercises and we can answer a big question ahead of you: stay on prem or move to the cloud? Get your needs assessment today.

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