Replacing Hardware

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The Front Line of Performance

While the notion that hardware is no longer the long term investment it once was rings true, there is still one important fact to remember: hardware plays an incredibly important role in how your teams perform.  It is the driver of how much you can achieve in a certain amount of time.  We rely on hardware for:

If your team is not competing on these, they are falling behind.  And so are your profits.  Let Unified help you develop a smart hardware strategy.

Increase your people, decrease your hassles

Your hardware replacement strategy should be several things: simple, trouble free, regular.  You want to prevent teams having major gaps between their hardware and software.  You want a single training / update period to keep staff optimized.  You want an easy warranty process.

What you really want is Device as a Service. Turn your capital expenditures into monthly subscriptions.  Never worry about updates, missing features, diminished functionality.  This is the new era of hardware management.  Simple. Dependable.

Unified Gives You Advantages

Having deployed thousands of devices for companies throughout Massachusetts, we know how to assess hardware needs, design a replacement plan and procure your hardware, all on time, all on budget.

It starts with a collaborative whiteboard session.  We work directly with you, first to understand your goals, needs and future.  We then lay out your best options for moving forward, whether they are a partner product or are from a host of other hardware providers.

Our greatest advantage is the combination of our product knowledge, our fast-tracked procurement process and our seamless delivery and installation.   You can’t get any simpler.

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