Your Life as CIO

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CIO’s are the fastest evolving
C-Level positions

Moore’s Law makes your life a constant challenge.  Every year there is deeper advancement in IT.  Great for you, yes? Except every advancement means change.  New purchases, more training, revamped policies.  What was supposed to make life easier has now made it harder. For you. Predictability is no longer “a thing” from year to year for CIO’s. But life can be made simpler.  You just need the right partner, like Unified.

You touch every piece of the business

Procedures, strategy, budgets – they are all based on the tools that are available and implemented.  That means just about everyone is relying on one person to get things done – YOU.  And they are judging you every single day by their personal user experiences. Don’t feel that pressure. Relieve THEIR pressure.

You are the only 24/7 executive

Even CEOs get to shut the door sometimes to get some quiet time.  Not you. Downtime is not an option for you or your system.  It must keep running. This puts you in a unique position as the only 24/7 executive. When expectations are for near constant uptime and complete virtual access, you have to find a way to carve out time for you in the business day/night cycle. That comes from having a team that is there for you and your team, 24/7.

It’s impossible to know everything

You need to get great data and you need to make great choices.  Period.  So when it comes to anticipating the future of IT networks, security, wireless, clouddevices and print, don’t concern yourself with the research from every possible area you can touch. Have a trusted partner get you that data. A company like Unified manages your IT services so that you can worry about decisions and vision rather than latest greatest. Hand a vision to us and we will build you your castle. That’s what great collaboration is all about.

You need simple, dependable and secure solutions

Stop the constant worrying about monitoring, swap outs, upgrades, retrains, back ups. Our managed IT services makes life simple for you and your people. Get 24-hour, superior, local service. Our IT support services come with a level of dependability that make CIOs smile. Get peace of mind. From disaster recovery plans to ransomware solutions, Unified provides IT solutions that keep your entire network safe and secure.

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