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Your role is key to the future

Never before has the role of technology been so key and crucial to a child’s educational experience. From kindergarten through college, the delivery of information has moved almost entirely on line. Keeping that system afloat and highly operational is key to each generation’s advancement. That is a big load to bear.

We understand your pain

Which of these sounds familiar?  Endless bureaucracy. Tightening budgets. Revolving staff. Being an army of one. Unified understands these all come with the territory of the education system. Let us help you with each and every one by offering you professional IT services, software and hardware your schools need to thrive, at a budget your administration needs to live by.

A Trusted Deliverer

Unified Networking Solutions is a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller and an Authorized Subcontractor/Reseller Agent on HP’s ITC47 Contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have worked with school districts of every size and shape. Because we are local, because we work here and because we send our kids to school here, we understand the needs you have. You can rely on us to work with you on budget, scope and implementation. And our solutions are trusted to be simple, dependable and secure.

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