3rd Party Vendor Support

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It Just Makes Sense

If you’re a CIO, CTO, data center manager, IT director, or simply responsible for IT software or hardware technology, it’s critical to understand the benefits of third party support. Hyper-responsive service, more value out of access to advanced problem solving talent and full support of hardware or original code are just some of the reasons businesses are looking beyond price when considering who will provide their support.  Length of support contract, better terms and lower costs have also contributed to the rise of third party support.

Unified can create a support structure for your business that recognizes your size, goals and budget.

How Unified Supports

We pride ourselves on knowing it’s partner products inside and out.  That is why clients make the strategic decision to have Unified handle third party support.  Why spend excruciating time talking to engineers directly when our team of engineers can talk shop directly with primary providers.  We manage the entire process of getting to resolution by working peer to peer with providers, identifying the exact cause of the issue and solving it for you, all in less time.  Freeing up time, getting to the right diagnoses, and implementing the correct solution – this is the type of support you should come to depend on.

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