Full Needs Assessment

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Where Do You Want To Be?

A great IT Partner doesn’t start selling you on systems they can design.  They begin with one critical act: listening.  Asking the right questions about your business is step one in designing an optimized IT system.  At Unified, we focus FIRST on the things that impact your team:

This informs our engineers and designers on where the final destination is for you.

Where Are You Now?

You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know your starting point.  During your needs assessment, Unified begins to get its hands dirty by “looking under your IT hood.”  We look at:

Once we understand the tools you are using, how well they are being implemented and how much strain they might be under, THEN we can get designing.

What NOT to Expect

Certain things you will never get with a Unified assessment:

The hardest thing to do is to open yourself up to assessment.  You need a partner who realizes this and gives you open, honest and real feedback so you can be empowered to act.  Your IT depends on it.

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