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To Hire or Not To Hire

Small and medium sized businesses are constantly faced with a challenge.  A critical project arises, but its scope is narrow and/or its time is short. Do you hire a full time person or not?  Unified has a solution to this common issue.

By outsourcing your IT project management to Unified, you gain a trusted partner with a variety of deeply experienced IT engineers.  You gain an entire team behind that project manager.  You gain years of experience assessing and managing IT projects.  And you gain organizational detail and accountability.

What you lose are all those hours searching for, interviewing, hiring and training a short term project manager.  What you lose are all the HR financial investments.  What you lose is the fear of having to let someone go at the end of a project.

The choice seems pretty easy.  Call Unified today and see how we can get dedicated IT project management working to your advantage.

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