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Cloud Business Applications

As the breadth of businesses moving to the cloud grows, so too do the options available to Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs).  Collaboration, accounting, VoIP, customer relationship management, data management, the list goes on.  Navigating your options is key to successfully moving to the cloud and achieving efficiency and performance.

Unified works with its clients to successfully set up a suite of cloud business applications that empower those clients the most.  And it all starts with one thing: understanding your business.  It’s what we excel at.

Cloud Communication & Collaboration

Communication is cutting the cord these days.  As mobile takes over, cloud communication options are becoming more and more popular as an infrastructure choice.  And it’s not just voice being offered.  Messaging, screen sharing, video collaboration and more when you are at your desk or on the road.  And move those great services you could get from your landline over to your mobile.  Don’t lose an ounce of performance.

Unified can also walk you through your options for cloud-based team collaboration tools.  Gone are the days of silos and project management via email.  Get your team and your clients collaborating at a much more powerful level and pace.

Cloud Infrastructure

Unified can simply and easily implement an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for you that will allow you the flexibility to set up your own cloud IT infrastructure with as much flexibility as a physical one.  What typically goes into a cloud infrastructure?

Done correctly, your virtual system will operate as efficiently as a physical one.  So why migrate?  Cloud infrastructures have:

Vertical Cloud Solutions

Just like in seventh grade science class, we know that all clouds are not the same.  Getting to the cloud is step one.  But like any major business decision, you want to optimize your investment, time and energy.  By building out your cloud system with specialized functions and options, you can best meet industry standards, usage and specifications.

Because of our core business foundation – understand our client’s business better than they do – Unified has excelled at working with our clients to “get vertical” within their cloud infrastructure.  If you’re gonna build it, build it right!

It can be tricky navigating something as nebulous as the Cloud.  Unified can conduct a free assessment of your IT infrastructure and determine if, and in most cases when, you should make the move.  And we work with some of the best cloud providers in the world.

Our third-party cloud offerings include:

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

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