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Even though it is decades old, email still remains a top form of business communication.  While the structure has not changed much, the infrastructure options and threats to it have multiplied.  See how Unified makes your email safe, clean and highly efficient.

Spam & Virus Protection

Inboxes clean.  Network safe.  That is an efficient communication system.  We implement defense systems [app river] with a 99% block rate.  That means your people aren’t spending their days dealing with spam and that means you aren’t worrying about viral penetration into your network.  In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, no solution can be 100% effective.  In lieu of that, we’ll take 99%.  How about you?

Email Encryption

Privacy goes a long way to ensuring your company and data remain uncompromised.  We all know how far email can travel before hitting an inbox.  Prying eyes are there along the entire way.  Using a trusted email encryption service [app river partner page] can keep data safe from mailbox to mailbox.  All with a single click.

Email Continuity

Disruption can happen for many, many reasons.  Can your team survive without email for hours? Days?  Unified can design an email continuity system for you that allows your team to access email via any device.  Servers down?  No problem.  Your team can access the last 30 days of emails and any new ones while you focus on getting “all systems go” again.  And this service constantly runs.  So you never have to worry about turning it on ahead of those disruptions you never see coming.

DNS Hosting Plus

App River’s DNS Hosting Plus does one thing Unified prides itself on, keeping you secure.  By putting DNS records on thousands of servers worldwide, not only do you end up with faster response time, but it also protects you against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.  By partnering with Akamai, our AppRiver solution gives you more than 100,000 servers to host your records.  THAT is peace of mind.

Web Protection

Threats are being created and unleashed by the thousands every day via the Web.  It would be great to say that these pose no threats to our clients, but we all know that isn’t the case.  Millions if not billions in financial losses and endless data loss necessitate companies to really lock down their web activity.  Unified offers products like SecureSurf that allow your team to remain safe while experiencing no slowdown in the browsing experience.  And with instant notification of malicious actions happening internally on your system, you have the added advantage of saving on time and resources while monitoring.

Secure Hosted Exchange

Small to medium-sized business that can’t afford pricey equipment or full-time IT staff?  Unified can set you up with a great Secure Hosted Exchange.  Easy.  Affordable.  It offers unlimited storage and the ability to easily add and remove both services and users.  The service easily synchs with a wide variety of devices seamlessly.

Email Threat Intelligence

Want to build or reinforce your cyber defense capability?  Need immediate threat data?  Let us work on a customizable, consultative service that helps you ID and block unwanted and malicious emails.  Round the clock information gathering by a team of analysts and engineers allows you to have accurate, up-to-the-minute intelligence that helps you guard against zero-hour viruses and spam campaigns.

Office 365 Plus

Picture getting all the functionality of Microsoft Office 365, including Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business platforms, and then adding a layer of unparalleled customer service.  Via phone, email or live chat, you can get all the assistance you need for migration or simply standard usage issues.  And you can build out your suite of services based on subscription level.  Single sign on console, cloud collaboration and communication tools, per user subscription settings – they all mean one great experience with one of the best productivity tools around.

Email Services

Email Services

Email Services

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