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Pick your poison: ransomware, IoT hacking, DDoS, phishing scams, physical insiders, credential theft, man-in-the-ap, the list goes on.  Your physical hardware is not the target.  Your data isn’t even in the cross hairs.  Simply put, continuity of business is the biggest concern of small, medium and large businesses.  The types and numbers of threats are increasing exponentially every year (month? week?).

The good news? So are the solutions.  You need a trusted partner who can assess, design, install, train and monitor your systems so that you can do one thing: keep focusing on business.

Multi-layered Approach

Securing your organization’s IT systems and data goes beyond firewall protection and antivirus/antispam/antimalware software. It needs to include a thorough understanding of what you need to protect plus training for the people who use it.

These layers of protection are the cornerstone of the Unified Networking Solutions approach to IT security.

We do a full analysis of your organization’s critical assets and assess key risks. Then we work with you to craft policies and solutions that embrace the latest hardware and software security technologies, reinforcing them with customized security training for your users.

This active, multi-layer approach helps deliver the all-around security envelope you need to turn back threats, especially in an era where access to your systems and data has moved beyond the desktop to remote and mobile endpoints.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

There’s often no way to avoid a disaster like a fire or flood that knocks out your critical IT systems.

But there is a way to recover from it with minimal impact to your operations and bottom line: a backup and disaster recovery solution from Unified Networking Solutions.

Unified is the go-to provider that Boston businesses count on for expertly designed disaster recovery plans, network monitoring and response strategies and on- and off-site data and systems backup.

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